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Find out statistics about the number of Tinder users in cities throughout the world.
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Excuse me internet, where are the figures I am looking for?

What if you suddenly felt the urge to know more about the actual numbers behind your favourite dating app? How would you go about it? What is the very first thing you would do? Before spending weeks/months in front of a computer to code our way to the numbers (and most importantly make sense of them), we did what every sensible internet user would do: we looked for someone who did this before us.

The best thing we could find was THIS – It is indeed some very interesting global/aggregated data, but it told us nothing about where we’d better swipe, and why. The Tinder site itself doesn’t seem to help either, beside giving us some global figures. It should be noted that Tinder numbers seem to be a big deal, especially if they are wrong and come at the wrong time.

We expect our numbers to give a rough idea of the cities we survey, but we accept some of them might be incomplete and or have a few mistakes. The more data we gathered, the better we reverse engineered what it meant: getting the data might be trivial, but making sense of it was surely not. We had to make some choices and filter some data out and/or normalise it, but we believe our degree of overall accuracy is as high as it can be taking into consideration that we have no direct access. Also, big cities with high user densities take much longer and this has some consequences on the overall accuracy: the bigger the city, the bigger the error on some aspects of the data. And yet…

We would welcome Tinder to publish its own real time numbers but we think this is unlikely to happen, so until then we are the best you have when it comes to Tinder numbers.


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