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Find out statistics about the number of Tinder users in cities throughout the world.
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Here is a little Q&A to get to know us better

Frequently asked questions are answered right here.

Q: Who is behind this site?

A: The “team” was originally composed by two individuals, now down to one. And that is all you need to know. During the spring of 2016, looking for ways to mathematically boost our dating life, we chanced upon some interesting tidbits, one of which suggested to access the Tinder DB. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a clue how to do that, and even if we did, it would also be illegal. Just like the Google founders realised that mapping the World Wide Web was not as crazy as they initially thought, we started toying with the idea of mapping the Tinder world and then access our own DB instead. Obviously, that was impossible. We noticed, however, that cities could be sized up rather easily. Think of it as a blurry picture of the state of a city over a certain number of hours: the bigger the city, the blurrier the picture. And yet… We just wanted to answer a fundamental question: where is it better to swipe? Personally, we got enough of an answer. We do not guarantee matches, of course, but we can share with you the insights we learnt, and we are more than happy to do that. 

Q: How about privacy of the users you expose on your profiles?

A: Every profile we present is edited in a significant number of ways. We always change the name, age, or both of the real person, as well as removing any personal information that might help identify them (we go as far as changing the name of cities or colleges if required). Moreover, their profiles are often shortened significantly and/or corrected for the sake of the English language. When mistakes are left in them, there is always a good reason. You might recognise yourself in some of them, and you might be right. But our goal is to make it difficult for others to do the same. We made some notable exceptions (at our own discretion) to some of these rules when dealing with outstandingly good profiles, but in general you should just trust us on the fact that, hidden amongst millions, they existed.

Q: When did you start?
A: Sometimes in spring.

Q: What programs/services did you use?

A: Apache, PHP, SQLiteStudio, Excel, Illustrator, WordPress… to name the main culprits.

Q: How did you code this, exactly?

A: If you wonder what the answer to this is, it probably means that you want to do the same. As we all know, we can’t publish the code that we use, but we can tell you it is based on a general access method used by a lot of other people: the keyword you are looking for is “Tinder API“. Happy googling!

Q: How long did it take?

A: A few days to get the basic data. A few months to make sense of it.

Q: How did the dating go during the project?

A: One of us found a GF on Bumble, the other was too busy coding to meet most of his numerous matches (check the trick).

Q: Do you keep a black book of those you counted?

A: No, of course we don’t. However, we keep some anonymous info about the bio and the bio themselves to run some linguistic analysis. One of us is a keen linguist, and has no GF to entertain himself.

Q: Why did you do it?

A: Because we could, and someone had to. Oh, and for the money, the glory and the Tinder gold medal of course! Feel free to have a look at our book if you find our profiles collections funny, and help us pay for the hut on the beach where we are going to find your next best and worst Tinder blurbs. Also, since dreaming is free… Our running joke throughout this project (and the tindering on the side) was that Tinder should hire us (for the tindering, not the project). Since filling out an application form is so 2014,  we created this site to show them what we can do while just peeking at parts of the db – Also, the linguist played with English this time, but he can do the same in many other languages. Just saying 😉 And if everything fails, maybe “The Sun” can give us a job to write their headlines (Here’s an actual one they can run any day: “U.K. WRECKS IT”)

Q: Why all the links to Tinder?

A: We know a thing or two about apps, and there is no such a thing as a “bad download”. So we thought we’d do this to stimulate people to download and try Tinder if they haven’t done so already. And yeah, Tinder… we know. And we are sorry – accept this as a (Facebook) token of our appreciation!


Q: What does the future hold?

A: Who do you think we are, fortune tellers? Ask Tinder 😉

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