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The city of Albuquerque has a users density of roughly 16* users per square mile (10.8k users* over a 15 miles radius). Overall, there are 2.5 men to every woman, with 71% of the users being males and 29% being females.
The average user is 27 years and 5 months old, and uploaded 4.6 pictures on his/her profile. Men (27 years and 9 months) are older than women (26 years and 6 months) and tend to show fewer pictures (4.5) compared to them (4.9).
The predominant age group is 18-25, which accounts for 53.2% of the total number of users, followed by the age group 26-33 with 28.2%. The remaining age groups (34-41 / 42-49 and 50+) make up for a mere 18.6% of the user base.
Paying users account for an estimated** 2.5% of the total, with men (3%) sharply outnumbering women (0.5%).

Gender data shows that 71.5 % of women have written something in their bio, with 59.5% and 24.9% of them publicly displaying their school and job; a further 20.9% had Instagram connected as well.
On the other hand males wrote something in their bio in 76.2% of cases, while 61% and 27% shared education and profession information on their profile. Male users with Instagram connected were 19.1%.
The most common women’s name is Ashley, followed by Amanda and Jessica. Chris tops the chart for men’s names, with Michael coming in second and Daniel closing the top three.

A superficial analysis of the data showed that a woman in her early 20’s attracts*** roughly 71.9% of the male users in the city. By comparison, a woman in her mid 20’s attracts 81.5% of the males, while a woman in her early 30’s and mid 30’s attract 74.3% and 58.7% of men respectively. As far as the men are concerned, being too young doesn’t seem to help, since a man in his early 20’s will only attract 44.4% of the available women, while males in their mid 20’s and early 30s will rake in 62.4% and 58.1% of the female users; men in their mid 30’s attract 44.1 of the users of the opposite sex.

Schools have been aggregated after a city specific study to better reflect reality. The most popular school was Georgia State University with 16.1% of the users. Georgia Tech (15.2%) came second and University of Georgia (8.5%) ranked third. Gender specific data shows the top three schools for men as Georgia Tech (17.5%), Georgia State University (14.9%) and University of Georgia (7.9%), with women indicating Georgia State University as their top choice (19%), followed by University of Georgia (9.8%) and finally Georgia Tech (9.5%).

The top three companies with the most employees are Delta, AT&T and Deloitte. Looking at job titles, Bartender is the most common, followed by Consultant and Software Engineer.

The average paid user is 29 years and 6 months old.

The word LOVE features in 4.1% of bios (1.5% of men’s and 11.1% of women’s).
The word MUSIC features in 11.1% of bios (11.6% of men’s and 9.7% of women’s).
The word DRINK features in 3.8% of bios (3.8% of men’s and 3.8% of women’s).
The word LAUGH features in 4.5% of bios (3.8% of men’s and 6.5% of women’s).
The word FOOD features in 4.7% of bios (4.6% of men’s and 5% of women’s).
The word TRAVEL features in 7.8% of bios (3% of men’s and 20.6% of women’s).
The SPORTY profiles account for 10.6% of bios (11.8% of men’s and 7.6% of women’s).
The HOOKUPS profiles account for 12.1% of bios (10.4% of men’s and 16.5% of women’s).
The GYM BUNNIES profiles account for 4.8% of bios (5.4% of men’s and 3.2% of women’s).
INSTAGRAM was mentioned directly by 2.9% of bios (2.8% of men’s and 3.3% of women’s).
SNAPCHAT was mentioned directly by 6.2% of bios (6% of men’s and 6.5% of women’s).
FACEBOOK was mentioned directly by 0.8% of bios (0.9% of men’s and 0.7% of women’s).
The Word CAR was mentioned directly by 1.3% of bios (1.4% of men’s and 1% of women’s).
MUM AND DAD were mentioned directly by 0.5% of bios (0.1% of men’s and 1.5% of women’s).
Interestingly, the swearword FUCK is mentioned by 1.3% of profiles (0.5% of men’s and 3.3% of women’s).

GENERAL NOTE: Users referred to in this survey are not the total number of active users in the area, but rather a subset of them with an age filter with a minimum age lower than 51 and a filter age difference (max-min) greater than 3.

* Users active in the last 7 days surveyed during a day in Late-July
** After a week of inactivity, users are automatically taken out of the deck.
*** Some paying users are inferred indirectly while others are estimated. The percentage shown is very likely the minimum number of paying users present in the city during the survey.


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